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• Individual and Family Therapy
• Parent ¬†Support and Collaboration
• Group Therapy
• Clinical Consultation to Professionals - Individual/Group
• Staff Training and Clinical Presentations


I include the necessary procedure codes, and the diagnosis codes on my monthly statement because they are required for insurance reimbursement. However, they are just that, codes, and may be hard to decipher. With my clients (or parents/guardians), I value discussing what these codes actually are intended to mean, and what they may mean for you. I now include a “Diagnosis Disclaimer” on each bill I send out. It states... “This is a shorthand communication necessary for insurance reimbursement. It does not define who a person is, was, or will be.”

If you choose to submit my monthly statement for insurance reimbursement, my services should be covered on most insurance plans, as an “out of network provider.” Please have the reimbursement sent directly to you. The actual amount you will receive will of course depend on your individual policy. -I request your payment upon receiving the monthly statement, unless other arrangements are made. Thank-you.